About Yesisa

‘Ye sisa,’ meaning 'We are changing' is a social impact company that seeks to change the way the world views travel, fashion, and education in Ghana, West Africa, and other unique locations around the world. Because travel is constantly evolving, and the world is in closer reach, we have an opportunity to enjoy it responsibly. Yesisa’s enterprise consists of a fashion brand and lifestyle blog that supports local businesses and invests in education.

  • Visit Yesisa’s online shop to buy made-in-Ghana fashion accessories. Our products stand alone as quality, hand-crafted accessories that promote the creative and chic lifestyle of West Africa. Yesisa handbags, jewelry, and home décor are made from Ghanaian and West African textiles, recycled glass beads, and brass works. Materials are sourced, designed, and manufactured within country which increases revenue throughout the supply chain. Each month, a percentage of profits are shared with artisans in Accra, and with two girl students from a community in the Volta region.

  • Yesisa’s Travel blogs are centered around eclectic places, design, fashion, and art from around the world that promote local entrepreneurs, artisans, and destinations with sustainable business models. Therefore, changing the way we interact with the environment and communities we visit. Read on to discover West African destinations and worldwide adventures that we find intriguing and hopefully you will too!


Yesisa’s Impact

Yesisa currently works with four artisans in Accra and two girls and their families in the Volta Region of Ghana. 10% of of Yesisa profits are directly transferred to the students, ‘Yesisa Scholars’, and success is shared with artisans throughout the value chain. Yesisa scholars are using the funds to pay for school supplies, extra classes, and safer transportation for those who live in remote areas and commute as long as 18km to school. Yesisa artisans are using the increased income to grow their businesses and make more fashionable accessories that you will love.

Although Yesisa is a social impact company hoping to share success with others, it is also a brand supporting decisions of kids and their families. That is why direct cash transfers to Yesisa scholars help them overcome financial barriers towards education. Additionally, students who are currently supported by Yesisa are empowered to think about how they will use the extra funds to prepare for their future. We plan to support more students, work with more artisans, and invest in professional training opportunities. Find out more about our sustainable impact and check out the FAQ section for background on why this is important work.  


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