About Yesisa

‘Ye sisa,’ meaning 'We are changing' is a social enterprise that seeks to change the way the world views travel, fashion, and education in Ghana, West Africa, and other unique locations around the world. Because travel is constantly evolving, and the world is in closer reach, we have an opportunity to enjoy it responsibly. Yesisa’s enterprise consists of a lifestyle blog and fashion line that supports local businesses and invests in education.

  • Visit Yesisa’s online shop to buy Ghana-made products and African print bags with 12% of the proceeds going towards supporting education. Yesisa currently works with girls in the Volta Region of Ghana who are out-of-school or in need of financial support to continue learning, so that as children, they do not need to contribute to the family’s annual income and can focus on their studies. As we grow, we hope all vulnerable children can benefit from Yesisa proceeds to finish their education, pursue a viable career path, and have the opportunity to realize hers or his dreams.

  • Yesisa’s Travel blogs are centered around eclectic places, design, fashion, and art from around the world that promote local entrepreneurs, artisans, and destinations with sustainable business models. Therefore, changing the way we interact with the environment and communities we visit. Read on to discover West African destinations and worldwide adventures that we find intriguing and hopefully you will too!


How do your Yesisa purchases help? With every purchase, you contribute 12% to helping kids in vulnerable circumstances stay in school. $50 can buy a bike for a child who lives far from school, so that she/he has safe transportation. $30 can buy a child school supplies, food, sanitary pads, or uniforms for those who have to do without their basic needs being met. Kids in vulnerable circumstances often have to choose to work instead of going to school to help provide for their families, and in sub-saharan African countries like Ghana, 64% of families live on under $3.10 per day (WB, Africa Briefing Note).

With West Africa’s growing youth population that will increase job seekers, there is a need for quality education, vocational skills training, and professional skills training that will lead to sustainable employment. Yesisa seeks to intervene by transferring cash to kids in remote areas of Ghana, such as the Volta region, and teaching them how to use this capitol to invest in their own education and future.

  • 10 necklace purchases = $54.00 directly transferred to kids

  • 20 hand bag purchases = $60.00 directly transferred to kids

Read more about how Yesisa works here.