About Yesisa

‘Ye sisa’ is a phrase in Twi, one of the predominant languages in Ghana, meaning 'We are changing.' Yesisa is a social enterprise that seeks to change the way the world views travel, products, and education in Ghana, West Africa, and other unique locations around the world. Because travel is constantly evolving, and the world is in closer reach, we have an opportunity to enjoy it responsibly. Yesisa’s enterprise consists of a lifestyle blog and product line that supports local businesses and invests in education.

  • Yesisa’s Travel blogs are centered around eclectic places, design, fashion, and art from around the world that promote local entrepreneurs, artisans, and destinations with sustainable business models. Therefore, changing the way we interact with the environment and communities we visit. Read on to discover West African destinations and worldwide adventures that I find intriguing and hopefully you will too!

  • Visit Yesisa’s online shop to buy Ghana-made products and African print bags with 15% of the proceeds going towards supporting education. Yesisa currently works with girls in the Volta Region of Ghana who are currently out-of-school and are most in need of financial support. One hundred dollars a year can send a girl or boy to school, so that as children, they do not need to contribute to the family’s annual income and can focus on their studies. As we grow, we hope all children in need can benefit from Yesisa proceeds to finish their education, pursue a viable career path, and have the opportunity to realize hers or his dreams.

School building and beautiful mountains in Volta Region, Ghana