Product Care


Geometric jewelry is made from reclaimed brass. Our chief metalsmith, Suleman, explains that the best way to care for your brass is to keep it wrapped in a cloth or paper (but not plastic) and polish it with a silver cloth or steel wool when it loses shine. Our brass is 100% solid meaning there is no base-metal that will show through after wear. Brass is an affordable alternative to gold with a luxurious, heavy feel. Please contact us if you have any questions about care or wear.


Textiles are living objects with an origin, a story, and a piece of the maker’s passion woven into each piece. In West Africa, textiles are an important part of cultural heritage. Many families pass textiles down from generation to generation or select specific patterns and symbols to represent a significant life event or ceremony. At Geometric we aim to share the meaning and origin of each textile we use. Keep textiles soft and clean by wiping away any dirt or mold with a cloth dabbed in white vinegar. Hang to dry directly in the sun.  

Glass Beads

Glass beads featured in many of our necklaces are all sourced from a town in Ghana called Soumanya. In this community, used glass has been upcycled for generations to make hand-blown and hand-dyed beads. The beads are used for everyday adornment or for special ceremonies. Solomon, a jewelry artisan, sources all our beads from his community in Soumanya and ensures that this tradition will not be lost.


Our genuine leather is sourced from Niger where farmers and herders sell goat or cow leather as part of their family businesses. The leather on your bag is tanned with natural processes developed by Ibrahim, one of our talented makers in Accra, who is originally from Niger himself. In this process, we use natural dyes and products such as coconut oil and lime. The leather on our vegan bags is the highest quality synthetic leather.  Store your bags inside a duster in a cool, dry place. Coat dry leather with a leather balm or wax and store properly for your next use!